About Nancy’s Great Escapes

Meet Nancy McKay!

Nancy McKay is a seasoned Event Planner with 21 years of Event Planning experience under her belt. She loves treating people like “Royalty”. In fact, in 1995 she started her own Special Occasion business called “Queen For The Day”, which is a day of honor and pampering for women. In 2002 she became Executive Governor of Who’s Who International, an affluent social singles club for seasoned professional adults, and planned all their events, including trips. Before moving to Phoenix in 1995, Nancy was a volunteer, through the Junior League, for the Office of Protocol in Dallas, Texas, where she helped to plan receptions for visiting dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth, President Mubarek, President Aquino, and many ambassadors from Washington, so that’s where she got her expertise in knowing how to treat people like “Royalty”. She was trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington® as a Business Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant in September 1996.

Nancy has always been the “Social Chairman Extraordinaire” for her favorite organizations which include the Junior League of Phoenix Sustainers, Stephens College Alumni Club, and The Phoenix Culver Club. She has also been the Special Events Coordinator for The Phoenix Symphony. Three years ago, she started The Crown Club, which has one meeting/year, and it’s always the day before Valentine’s Day at a “Special Occasion” restaurant in the Valley! She brings a crown for everyone to wear along with a T- Shirt that says “Queen of Everything”. She loves helping women to OWN THEIR POWER with dignity, pride and grace.

Nancy’s enthusiasm lights up a room as does her ability to plan and execute a most desirable vacation which she prides herself in giving more than is expected! Once you go on one of Nancy’s trips, you will be a fan forever! She has been told more than once, that her trips are UNFORGETTABLE, and she receives very high marks on her Post Trip Evaluations!

Nancy’s middle name is “FUN”, and when you go on one of her trips, you will understand why! She has a knack for bringing people together for Non-Stop Fun and Laughter! If you haven’t laughed in awhile, please join her on one of her upcoming trips! You will be glad you did! She will make you feel right at home, and you will make life-long friendships!